Gel Black Cherry Yoghurt 45g


Key additional features is the inclusion of all 5 essential electrolytes and minerals.
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Research-proven 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation for 40% greater carbohydrate delivery*. True to TORQs philosophy we have worked tirelessly to produce what we believe to be a class-leading product. Avid users of our products know what we are talking about here. From our flagship product the TORQ bar through to our energy and recovery drinks we have used the latest research and blended highly potent natural ingredients to produce what we honestly feel are the most effective performance products on the market today. TORQ gel is no exception. In line with the formulation used in our energy drinks we have blended Maltodextrin a long chain complex carbohydrate with Fructose (fruit sugar) in a 2:1 ratio. The peer-reviewed published research one study of which we actually reference clearly on the front of the pack have found that this blend of carbohydrates actually delivers 40% more carbohydrate than traditional formulations. Traditional formulations tend to be Maltodextrin only or Maltodextrin/Glucose blends. The flavours Weve worked very hard on these too and we have actually devised the FIRST EVER yoghurt flavour gels. And theyre actually dairy-free These are: Strawberry Yoghurt and Black Cherry Yoghurt. So thats two of our gel flavours. The second two dont have a yoghurt flavour because although we think its a fantastic idea we realise that some people dont like yoghurt. So were also offering: Orange and Banana (yes orange and banana mixed together). The final TORQ gels (the 4th & 5th ones if youve lost count) contains Forest Fruit natural extracts and also a very high dose of natural Guarana as well as the new banoffee flavoured also with natural Guarana. There is more caffeine in a single sachet of this gel than there is in a certain very well known and very well marketed caffeinated energy drink. 89mg is almost double the caffeine dose of any other gel on the market and our caffeine comes naturally from a pure guarana extract. Key additiona
Key additional features is the inclusion of all 5 essential electrolytes and minerals.
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